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The Paving Company offer driveway and block paving services in this area

GRANITE foundations - TEK membrane - Paving LIGHTS - Marshalls Blocks - all come as standard


Autumn = £79m2 & lights

Bracken = £4500

Charcoal + lights = £3910

Brett Charcoal & Grey = £135m2

Charcoal & Autumn = £3500

Classic Rumbled = £95m2

Marshall Sunrise = £6000

Brett Alpha = £145pm2


35m2 Driveway = £2710 . . . 80m2 Driveway = £5720 . . 110m2 Driveway = £7250

Block paving from £55m2

block paving driveway in Wellingborough with autumn blocks Block paved driveway in northampton with bracken blocks Block Paving driveways Leicester with a mix of blocks and slabs tegula block paving in kettering using the harvest colour Block Paving Driveways Wellingborough in charcoal blocks block paved driveway in ely with sunrise blocks quality block paving in graphite rumbled blocks in northamptonshire Block paving = £3500-min Charcoal and Grey block paving 45 laid 45 degree h Heritage stone slabs with 3 sizes and 3 colours =

Charcoal & Grey = £75m2

Heritage stone & Tegula = £125m2

Autumn block paved driveway in Ketton = £4500 Autumn colour blocks laid 90 degree & stretcher bo

Autumn blocks & lights = £4250

90 degree herringbone & stretcher bond patterns