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The Paving Company offer driveway and block paving services in this area

GRANITE foundations - TEK membrane - Paving LIGHTS - Marshalls Blocks - all come as standard


Driveway construction for block paving -

A standard excavation would be excavated with a mini digger to hard ground or 300mm in depth and all concrete, muck, tarmac to be exported away with our grab lorry and tipper trucks.  To install a 150/200mm quality Type one Granite Ministry of transport foundation installed [the same as Britains roads] and heavily compacted with a vibrating plate.  A GEO-TEK membrane installed where suitable.

Screeding -

The sharp sand should be 35-50mm deep. The key to successful screeding is creating a thin, smooth, even and flowing surface on which to lay block paving. The surface profile of the screeded laying course more or less matches that of the finished pavement, so attention to detail is essential.

Laying the block paving -

The laying of all full blocks continues, with the pavers working from the already laid paving, not from the screeded laying course. The blocks are randomised prior to laying by selecting them from at least three open packs. this helps prevent blotching or banding of colours and allows the paving to show off the full range of colours/hues to best effect.  Make sure any chipped blocks are not laid and saved for cutting.


Cutting in -

We use disc cutters for all our cutting for a better, cleaner precise cut.  Block splitters/guilotines can be used on bigger projects such as car parks and roads which will save on diamond blades and fuel.

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Finish off with Kiln dried sand (can only be done in the dry and not in the wet} -

When all the blocks and cuts are laid and retained with a concrete haunch begin to brush kiln dried sand across the total area with a stiff brush. Using a vibrating compaction plate go across the total area twice compacting the kiln dried sand between all the joints.  Once compacted brush off the excess kiln dried sand and top up the total area by hand with stiff brush and a soft brush to finish off perfectly.

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